“How to” Guide for the Nationwide Student Solidarity Protest in Support of Occupy Wall Street

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1. Start a Facebook Group Page for Your College. Ex. OccupyUCLA
2. Create an “Event” on your new page
a. Include Date, Time, and Location (ex. Thursday, October 13th – 4:30PM(Eastern))
b. “More Info” Section
1. Include information about Occupy Wall Street and why your school supports it.
3. Post your page and event on the Occupy Colleges Wall
4. Send yout event’s main contact information to info@OccupyColleges.org
5. Send event requests
a. From your new Occupy(YourMyCollege) Group Page send event requests
1. A head count before each event will help with coordination.
6. Tools to Spread the word on your campus
a. Print Flyers created by Occupy Colleges as well as other students on your campus.
1. Include all event information. Include Occupy Colleges on flyer.
2. Include your Occupy(MyCollege) Group Page
a. Some colleges coordinate times to post the flyers. The more the merrier.
7. Submit your graphics for your local event to us at info@occupycolleges.org
c. Post on your Occupy(MyCollege) Group Page
d. Post your flyer on the Occupy Colleges facebook page
e. Ask your college newspaper to run a story on your efforts.
f. Ask your college newspaper for free ad space to promote your event.
8. Organize a meeting with your event attendees ?? (Separate event?)
a. Review your message and what will happen at your event.
1. Choose a central location to meet.
a. Some schools ended up in too many location and the unified message was lost.
9. College professors
a. Some college professors woud like to participate.
b. Ask them to lead a “Teach In”
1. Educate yourself about “Teach In” on wiki
a. Professors can visit NationalTeachIn.org for some ideas.
10. Bands and local artists
a. Reach out to the artist community. Some events have included local bands.
1. The beat of drums or chants can encourage others to join in on the event day.
11. Assign a Media Point Person – Twitter Leader
a. Update the world by sending your update to us at @OccupyColleges and #OccupyColleges
b. “Content in King”
1. We are your news agency with media contacts that desire new media.
2. We need VIDEO and PHOTOS of your event.
3. Interview your classmates
a. “Why do you support Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Colleges”
12. Make Banners and Signs to be used at your event
a. Ideas for your banners and signs
1. Visit Occupy Colleges Facebook Page, OccupyWallStreet.Org
and Occupy Wall Street Facebook Page
13. Promote your event to the community – Raise Awareness
a. Call local radio stations, contact your college newspaper, tweet
14.Follow Up after your event
a. Contact your local media about the success of your event
b. Send all photos, videos, stories, to info@OccupyColleges.Org
c. Head Counts are very important for the media. Please send to us.
d. Join your local occupation – (October 15th in solidarity with OWS)

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  1. Jessica Benn says:

    I suggest using masking tape to cover up brand names while demonstrating. This would help prevent free advertising while protesting and symbolize our breaking away from the traditional relationship with corporate America.

    Just a thought!

  2. acityonfilm says:

    At CSU Bakersfield, we have been contacting professors and asking to do presentations in class for about 5 minutes to inform other students about the movement. This week we were invited by a professor to teach a class for an hour about what the movement is about and what CSU Bakersfield is doing to participate. We are also going to do a guerilla art presentation in the class and have students make posters for participation. It should be fun and engaging while, also, educational!

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