Pledge of Action and Solidarity with Student General Strike

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Pledge of Action and Solidarity with Student General Strike

On November 22nd, 2011, the General Assembly of Occupy UC Davis agreed to a general strike of all California campuses on Monday, Nov. 28th to protest the recent cases of police repression and block the UC Board of Regents from voting on proposed fee increases and severe budget cuts. In their proposal, the students declared that “The continued destruction of higher education in California, and the repressive forms of police violence that sustain it, cannot be viewed apart from larger economic and political systems that concentrate wealth and political power in the hands of the few.”We wholeheartedly agree with the students’ proposal and declaration. We know that the brutal pepper spraying of UC Davis student protesters is an attack on all Americans right to free speech. We know that riot police assaulting peaceful UCLA students is an assault on all of our right to assembly. We know that the UC Board of Regents gutting the California public university system is an affront to the ideal of accessible, quality education. And we know that the battle to defend our rights and protect our universities cannot be separated from the battle to get corporate power and money out of our democracy.With the knowledge that our struggles are one, we, students on college campuses across the nation and Americans who support our struggle, pledge to take nonviolent action in solidarity with students nationwide. We will take part, within our means, in actions including, but not limited to, the following:1)    Striking and joining a protest on a college campus. Click here for a list of campuses participating in the General Strike.

2)    Calling Chancellors at a UC school and demanding they allow students to peacefully strike and demonstrate without threat of repression.

  •  Robert Birgeneau, UC Berkeley – (510) 642-7464
  •  Linda Katehi, UC Davis – (530) 752-2065
  •  George Blumenthal, UC Santa Cruz – Write a Message
  •  Henry Yang, UC Santa Barbara – (805) 893-2231

3)    Calling UC President Mark Yudof and the UC Board of Regents demanding they veto the proposed budget cuts and fee increases. Use this contact list for the Regents.

4)    Spreading the word about the following petitions:

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