STRIKE UNTIL THEY GET IT RIGHT (Press Release : Occupy Colleges)

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For Immediate Release
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With unwavering courage, students reunite on Nov. 28 to stand up for their 1st amendment rights in light of recent police violence at peaceful campus rallies

Students, faculty and administrators across the United States will strike this Monday, November 28, 2011, in protest of the violent and excessive measures taken by police at UC Davis, UC Berkeley, CUNY’s Baruch College, The New School and other campuses.

Videos and pictures depicting peaceful students and faculty being pepper-sprayed, beaten with batons and thrown to the ground have circulated worldwide. Personal accounts from these victims paint an even more grizzly portrait of unnecessary violence and long-lasting physical and emotional injuries.

Make no mistake – students were peacefully assembled at these rallies, by virtue of their first amendment right, protesting tuition hikes and the decline in university services, when their right to free speech and assembly was breached and many of them severely injured.

Historically, campuses have been a safe haven for students to hold such events. One need only look back 40 years toward the Vietnam protests for a recent example. Yet today, the 1st Amendment rights of thousands of students are being trampled on at many of the same institutions who were at the forefront of so many significant events in American history.

Like the hundreds of beaten and silenced protesters that came before them, American students will march on with unwavering courage. They will not be bullied into submission. On Monday, November 28, exercising their 1st Amendment right and united as one, they will stand up once more. Colleges already signed up to participate in the General Campus Strike include, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, Harvard, UCLA, CUNY Baruch College, Hunter College, Tufts University, Michigan State University and Drexel University.

This call to action includes an all day strike, with protesting students gathering in a centrally located area on campus. This is a peaceful protest and we strongly encourage student organizers to take the Pledge of non-violence.

Please log on to Occupy Colleges official website at for a list of participating schools, to register your school or to learn more about how to organize a group or event at your university.


             Written by Diana Delgado -NEW YORK, NY (November 24, 2011)

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