How to Start a Teach In

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The National Solidarity Teach-in

When : February 22nd or 23rd or both :

Time: ALL DAY, times varied depending on school.

A. STUDENT COORDINATORS :All you need is a small Group to facilitate a teach-in

        1.  Start with a small group of facilitators to help organize your Teach-In.

         2. 3-4 college students to help you organize the The National Solidarity Teach-In.


B. PROFESSORS: Ask your professors to speak at your teach in

        1.  It is important that your professors are aware of the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

       2.  Start asking your professors to speak at the Teach-In and make it part of their lesson plan.

                2a. Start asking your history, sociology, economics, ethnic studies, anthropology and other liberal

                                  arts professors to participate in your teach in.

                2b. Try to get at least 2 professors on board as speakers… 4-5 would be ideal.

         3. Ask your professors if you may promote the teach-in during classes.


C. LOCATION: Where is a good location for a teach in?

       1. Discuss and decide on where to hold your teach-in.

       2. Look for large open spaces that students are typically allowed to congregate.

               2a. Your group does not need an auditorium to hold a teach-in.

       3. Choose a central location to meet for both students and the media.

                3a. Some schools ended up in too many location and the unified message was lost for all.


D. WHY hold a Teach-In?

        1. The purpose of the teach-in is to create an open discussion time with professors and students with no

                  defined ending time as to give everyone a chance to speak and contribute to the discussion.


E. MEDIA “Content is King” – Make sure that you are heard. You are a documentarian.

         1.  Coverage requires proper Audio/Visual set ups or other methods.

         2.  Tools to project your voice during your teach in

                2a. Contact your A/V department to rent microphones, speakers and anything else that can

                       help a large group of people hear properly and record your video/livestream.

                 2b.  A microphone for the audience is helpful for 2 way question/answer dialogue.

                  2c.  *Bullhorns, loud voices and the call and response method used at Occupy Wall Street

                                  are also effective methods to project your voice.


F. PROMOTE: National Solidarity Teach In

         1. Once you find your central location and your professors are confirmed

          see our “how to” guide for protest to help you with promotion.


                 1a. See how to promote and capture your teach in with facebook,  twitter, Streaming, email list-servers,

                     fliers, and other social/physical media.

G. TOPICS FOR TEACH-IN: Suggested Topics

         1. Discuss with professors and small group of facilitators specific topics to begin your teach-in.

              The rest of your teach in should flow organically.


                What led up to the Occupy Movement?

                 Why are people Occupying their cities?

                 How can the Occupy movement effect public policy?

                 What is the next positive step for Occupy Wall Street?

** We will be posting more discussion topics and a “how to” guide to use during your teach-in.

***Remember, these are only suggestions to guide you through your teach-in. Feel free to add and send suggestions to


**** In the true spirit of Occupy Wall Street it would be great if this was brought to consensus at your school General Assembly meetings. Find out how to hold a GA


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