CSU Hunger Strike: Northridge Students Won’t Eat Until Admin Freezes Tuition, Cuts Own Pay

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They’ve been warning administrators since last Friday that they’d do it, and the moment of truth has arrived:


Four brave students from Cal State Northridge began their hunger strike against rising tuition yesterday, along with eight more CSU students scattered across five other campuses within the system.

They will ingest only vegetable juice until the university agrees to meet the following demands:

1. A 5 year moratorium on student fee hikes.2. The elimination of all 23 campus presidents housing and car allowances.3. Administrative and executive salaries be reversed to 1999 levels.4. The extension of freedom of speech areas to include entire campuses.


Knowing CSU administrators, who have raised tuition over 318 percent in the last decade (to higher highs than Harvard, all things considered), meanwhile raising their own salaries on the go-to that they must stay “competitive,” the strikers could end up looking like a pack of first-world Ghandis before anything starts to change.

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