Sign the Pledge of Non-Violence

Non-Violence Pledge

Non-Violence Pledge

We are an open, participatory, democratic, horizontal, peaceful, and nonviolent movement.

We are not a leaderless movement, we are a movement of leaders.

As a nonviolent movement, we have agreed to refrain from violence against any person, from carrying weapons, and from destruction of property.

We reject violence, including property destruction, because we recognize that it undermines popular support and discourages the broadest possible participation among the 99%.

We believe nonviolence promotes unity, strength of message, and an environment in which everyone’s voice might be heard.

We affirm that it is the personal responsibility of every individual participant in our movement to promote and maintain nonviolent discipline and to intervene to prevent violent action by anyone in our movement.

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Total Attendees: 16

# College
Page Link
1. Bradley University Peoria, IL Link
2. Edinboro University Edinboro, Pnnsylvania Link
3. Fresno ST Fresno Link
4. greenfield community college greenfield, ma
5. Occidental College Los Angeles, CA
6. Providence College Providence, RI Link
7. Susquehanna University Selinsgrove, PA Link
8. University of California Riverside Riverside, CA Link
9. University of Colorado at Boulder Boulder, CO Link
10. University of Connecticut Storrs, CT Link
11. University of Massachusetts Amherst, MA Link
12. University of Nevada Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV Link
13. University of Nevada, Reno Reno, Nevada Link
14. University of Rhode Island Kingston, RI Link
15. University of Texas at El Paso El Paso, TX Link
16. University of Vermont Burlington, Vermont Link